Surfing in Vietnam – Foam Symmetry

This was a huge case of right place at the right time. Long story short I met Jordie while having a beer by the beach at a tiny guest house in Mui Ne in Vietnam. We got chatting and he told me how he was supposed to be doing an article on surfing in Vietnam but his photographer bailed on him a couple of days before they were to meet up. So when I told him I was a photographer a sense of relief and excitement came over him, he couldn’t believe that in this tiny town with only a couple of hundred people, he runs into another Australian who is a photographer.
We spent the next couple of weeks travelling up the coast of Vietnam in search of some surf, which Vietnam isn’t exactly known for. It was a great trip and we did get some small waves, and for Jordie it was extra special as he got to surf the same breaks as his dad did while he was serving in the Vietnam War.
The editing style they wanted for the article wasn’t my normal style but the vintage, lomography style edit they requested really works well with the story and overall look and feel of the magazine.