01 Urbex Photography Chernobyl
02 Chernobyl Disaster Photography
04 Spreepark Berlin Urbex Abandoned Photography
03 Chernobyl Abandoned Photograph
05 Urbex Photographer
06 Urbex Abandoned Photographer Australia
07 Abandoned Spree Park Berlin Germany
08 Urbex Photography Australia
09 Forgotten Places Photo, Chernobyl
10 Urbex Abandoned Photography
11 Urbex Sydney Photographer
12 Urbex Travel Photography
13 Urbex Abandoned Travel Photographer
14 Urbex Abandoned Graffiti Photography
15 Unique Photography Art
17 Urbex Germany Photography
18 Abandoned Berlin Photography
19 Sydney Urbex Photographer
20 Australian Urbex Photographer
21 Abandoned Spree Park Berlin Photography
22 Unusual Photography Art
23 St Johns Orphanage Abandoned Urbex
24 Urbex Abandoned Photography
25 Stunning Urbex Abandoned Photography
26 Beautiful Urbex Abandoned Photography


I have always been drawn to old, derelict abandoned buildings as I find they have a unique beauty that not everyone sees. Whether it’s the paint peeling from the walls or rust covering the metals, these spots provide amazing subjects for photographs. These places often have incredible history and stories about them. I have photographed abandoned locations in Australia, Germany, Asia and Chernobyl.

I find photographing these locations a challenge, as what most people see as eyesores and ugly, I aim to capture them in ways that showcase their charm and show people that these old, forgotten places can be a thing of beauty.

My photographs of abandoned buildings has been seen all over the world and have been featured by Red Bull, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, ABC Australia and have been published in the international book Forgotten Placed 2.