Welcome and thanks for stopping by and checking out my page! I’m Tim and as you have probably gathered by now, I take photos! Many people have their own reasons for taking photos, whether it be art, capturing memories or for fun, I take photos to tell stories, as nothing tells a story like a photo, as the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more right in my eyes. 

It’s not often we get to mix our passions with work, but I’m different, I’m lucky. I get to combine my two passions to create a lot of my work, photography and travel. I have travelled to over 35 countries and still have 150+ on my checklist to explore! I have lived overseas and spent both short and long durations on the road, and no matter the duration of the journey, I’ve loved every moment of it, the good and the bad, and I love telling my stories via photos. 

My approach to travel photography is a photojournalistic one, I like to tell the story of the journey and every aspect of it. I capture every moment so it allows me to share as much as I can with the audience so they feel like they have been there alongside me. I like to venture from the normal tourist trail and uncover hidden gems of each city, meet the locals and indulge in the local culture, all with camera in hand. 

My background as a graphic designer and art director (several years spent on designing for travel titles) is an advantage when shooting for editorial purposes, as I have an understanding of what’s needed for a feature or project, whether it’s a DPS opener with room for an intro or a cover shot with space for cover lines, I understand what is needed and how designing a magazine works and am able take these things into account when composing shots. 

There are times when I’m not galivanting the world and I’m back home in Sydney shooting a wide variety of subjects from restaurants, food, people, clothing and weddings. I take the same approach to all my photography, to capture a story and details so the viewer feels like they are there at the restaurant or sitting down at the table about to eat or left wanting to go try on the clothes for themself. My wedding photography is no different, I capture the day and all it’s detail so the couple can show their friends and family who couldn’t be at their big day their photos and they feel like they were there.

When I’m not working, I spend my time adventuring with my wife, drinking wine, riding my shiny motorbike and just enjoy having a good time.

 I would love to hear from you, so if you have any questions, feel free to email me or drop me a line via the contact page.