In January myself and my little family, my wife Gemma and our two and a half year old daughter Ivy embarked on an epic road trip around Iceland for 5 weeks. We were lucky enough to team up with Macpac for this trip for a little Macpac x TakenByTim Iceland adventure. They hooked us up with an incredible wardrobe of adventure clothes perfect for our trip.

Now I am a sucker for outdoor clothing. I love hiking clothes as much as mums love activewear, so when the chance came to work with Macpac safe to say I was so excited. We were given a selection of clothing ranging from shirts and socks, right up to rain layers and down jackets. They also gave us some luggage, accessories and the amazing Vamoose child carrier which we use very regularly.

The gear seriously blew our mind. The comfort, quality and warmth is incredible. There were some days I was out in sub zero temperatures just wearing a down jacket and t-shirt and I was comfortable. Some days the wind was blowing 100km+ and we still kept warm. Gemma who feels the cold was balmy everything we went out which meant we could be out longer, and our little legend of a daughter never complained about being cold. Not to mention she looked pretty bloody cute in her little puffer jacket and onesies.

Not only does they gear look awesome, is comfortable as to wear and keeps you warm, it holds up to some abuse as well. We got snowed on, rained on and got blown off our feet. I crawled and scrambled through some rocky caves and crevices, got soaked in mud and Ivy’s outfits may of got a bit of food on them as well. Even after all this for 5 weeks, they all still looked like new after a wash, didn’t lose shape and were just as effective as when they were new.

I could seriously go on for hours about their gear and review each piece we used but I might save that for another post. For now check out the photos below from a little insight into the collaboration and if you need some outdoor equipment or even just a warm jacket to help you get through winter head over to Macpac’s website and treat yourself.

A huge thanks to the team at Macpac. Not only was the team who helped organise this amazing and helpful, but all the staff in store as well that I have dealt with have been the benchmark of customer service, professional, helpful and friendly. I’m so stoked to have worked with such an incredible company. Thanks Macpac!