Belly Watch

So this is a little old now as our baby girl is far from the sweet newborn stage, she has graduated to a little walking, cheeky character but I love this series so I thought I’d share them.
This series came out of nowhere. One afternoon I was testing a new camera with my wife Gemma and I snapped a shot of her holding her belly with our little girl in there at 16 weeks. Then the next week we went to see some whales and I did another shot. Third week we were leaving the cinema and in an empty car park and we got another snap. Then when I looked at these together I thought lets make a little series, and by week 5 (or 20 weeks through) we refined the idea with Gem being central to the frame with leading lines made up from the environment.
It was a super fun little silly project we loved doing together and was an interesting and different way to document her belly growing.